Monday, June 25, 2007


I have discovered why I am so tired. I am pregnant, again. This was not expected, but my husband and I will figure out the expenses and living arrangements.

I am now in the worst part....the first trimester. The queasy stomach, the complete exhaustion. With two other kids it is harder to handle. I think the worst is being so tired. It makes my mood flat and toneless. I also easy loose my temper. I miss being happy and laughing with the kids. Oh well, this will pass.

So, the funny thing about my pregnancies, that I discovered with my last one, is that I can't stand to knit or look at yarn! (oh the horror!) It only lasts as long as the first trimester and the illness (thank goodness!). Yarn colors make me queasy and knitting just seems an awful thing. So, needless to say, I will not be knitting anything for awhile. I will try to post, but being tired will keep me from staying up past my kids go to bed.

I like all those count down ticker bars on other blogs, so I will add one for this pregnancy. I don't have an official due date from the doctor yet, but I will guess at one.

Well, wish me luck everyone. I don't know how I am going to handle having two so close in age. Especially since my boy now is very active.


Channon said...

Congrats! I hope the first trimester goes more smoothly than you are anticipating. Morning sickness AND yarn disgust? Just doesn't seem fair...

two sticks and yarn said...

Congratulations... had I known I might have thrown in a few baby surprises... good luck keep us posted!

Michelle said...

wow! Huge congrats! You'll do great with 2 close in age... and they'll be the best buddies!

I'm just so sorry you can't stand knitting during this time... hopefully the first trimester will be over quickly!